Ten Healing Gemstones for Stress

It is not possible to avoid stress in our society and there must be something that helps us through stressful situations in life.  One can use the stones as a jewelry or they could be placed in a small pouch and kept in one’s body, either in a pocket or pinned to a skirt or blouse.

  1. Amethyst (Master healing gemstone, the Royal Stone) can be used to reduce migraines or tension headaches or alleviating arthritic pains.  It can be kept on your desk to absorb negative energy.
  2. Citrine (Success Stone) attracts wealth and success as well as relieving stress related digestive problems.
  3. Clear quartz – is a general body or system fortifier and protector.  It can even clear writer’s block and increase creativity.
  4. Fluorite – because of the different colors it comes in it can be used in combination of colors.  Use the yellow/green color combination for digestive issues; the blue/white combination for muscular and skeletal pains.  The green can be used for asthma or respiratory issues.
  5. Garnet (Sex Stone) is energy revitalizer and it strengthens the base chakra which has something to do with increase circulation of legs and pelvic areas, like reducing menstrual pains and PMS symptoms.  It can increase sexual stimulation and fertility.
  6. Hematite (Anti-stress Stone) reflects back negative energy to the sender so you don’t end up absorbing them.  It is a good grounding stone.
  7. Malachite ”A Man’s Stone”  is excellent for type A personalities and those prone to heart disease.  Use with rose quartz to soften the effect of a broken heart.  It is one of the stones that attract wealth and success.
  8. Rose quartz (Love Stone) is a very protective stone and soothing for many issues.  Use it over your heart center for 15 minutes to relax after a stressful day.
  9. Smokey quartz (Emotional Balancer) is a stabilizer of mood swings. It helps in depression; also good in PMS and cranky persons or in burn outs.
  10. Turquoise (Stone of Protection) is an excellent toner for all systems of the body.  Use it near the throat to increase will to communicate.  Good for speakers, teachers, and for advocates.